Emergency Response

Generator Installation
East River Energy, your energy partner, sells, rents and installs
Generators that will adequately keep your office or your home and
family comfortable, even in the worst weather conditions.

Our generators:
• Run on oil, propane or natural gas
• Start up instantly when there is a power-outage
• Are easy to maintain
• Choose from a variety of power capacities

How much power do I need?
These three questions will provide us with an adequate starting point as to the amount of wattage requirements you will need.
• Do you use city or well water?
• Is your heating system oil, heat pump, gas or electric?
• Do you heat your hot water with oil, gas or electricity?

Call George McQueeney today for an appointment and a comprehensive evaluation of your requirements at 203.453.1200, ex. 2019 or email at gvm@eastriverenergy.com